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  • I used this a couple of times, the first time service was amazing, but the second time I brought 10 million it took longer because they had to verify the transaction. But all in all a great site to use, highly recommend it!


  • Very good services. Paid for a lot of mule accounts and got the accounts in 1 hour time max. Definitely want to pay more from this site. Cheap and reliable, never been disappointed.


  • Legitimate and Reliable would definitely buy again.


  • done a mule and a comfort trade, mule within 20 mins and comfort took 24 hours! speed up comfort trades please! over then that, superb! legit!


  • Bought a mule account and it took 10 mins to come in and great prices to!!


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Picture Item Name Price Buy
Standard-2x Exalted Orb 0.35 USD Buy
Standard-200x Regal Orb 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-400x Orb of Fusing 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-300x Orb of Scouring 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-300x Blessed Orb 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-200x Chaos orb 0.99 USD Buy
Affliction-20x Blessed Orb 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-400x Orb of Alchemy 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-200x Orb of regret 0.99 USD Buy
Standard-200x Gemcutter's Prism 1.29 USD Buy
Standard-500x Cartographer's Chisel 1.29 USD Buy
Standard-600x Silver Coin 1.29 USD Buy
Standard-1000x Orb of Chance 1.99 USD Buy
Standard-200x Vaal Orb 1.99 USD Buy
Standard-10x Divine Orb 1.99 USD Buy
Standard-2000x Orb of Alteration 2.49 USD Buy
Standard-2000x Jeweller's Orb 2.49 USD Buy
Affliction-200x Orb of Alchemy 2.69 USD Buy
Standard-2000x Chromatic orb 2.99 USD Buy
Affliction-10x Exalted Orb 2.99 USD Buy
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